Cute paper-mâché fox, panda, hedgehog, unicorn and bunny looking at you. Above the animals is a text that says "We all have stories".

Welcome to Nenni’s world!

Here, you’ll find cute and handmade animal figures, posters, and postcards that you can use to decorate your child’s bedroom or your home! We have something for everyone – you’ll find bunnies, foxes, pandas, hedgehogs, dogs, and what not. Take a peek into our product selection and prepare to be smitten!

Nenni & Friends was created out of a need to create something beautiful – to spread joy and stories to the world. This need brought us Nenni the bunny and her many friends, spreading all things good and cute. Nenni and her friends love to tell stories. As we all are unique, so are our stories and that’s what makes the stories special.

We all have stories. Let’s be brave and tell them.

Our story

Once upon a sunny January day, there was a rustling sound in the kitchen of a two-bedroom townhouse. A young woman, sitting by the kitchen table, was making peculiar lumps out of newspaper. After pottering around for several hours, a bunny shape appeared to be sitting on the woman’s palm...