About us

Once upon a sunny January day, there was a rustling sound in the kitchen of a two-bedroom townhouse. A young woman, sitting by the kitchen table, was making peculiar lumps out of newspaper. After pottering around for several hours, a bunny shape appeared to be sitting on the woman’s palm. The little thing got a coat of paint, then a second and a third one. The woman painted a face on the bunny and gave her a lacy collar. The bunny was finished!

The bunny needed a name, so the woman started reminiscing about her childhood.

“It was Nenni”, yelled an adorable towheaded little brother, after tripping on the side of the carpet. “It was Nenni’s fault that I tripped!” The brother grew older, and the first letter of his big sister’s name turned into a J. Funny stories about Nenni and the carpet turned into memories.

Nenni! The bunny must be called Nenni! And so, the woman’s first paper-mâché animal had gotten a name.

Nenni turned out to be quite a social little bunny, and she loved getting new friends. Even though her human friends were sweet and lovely, she longed to play with animals like herself. She needed papery friends! First, there came a teddy, then an elephant, and then tens of new bunnies. Nenni was happy, and so was the woman who created her. Nenni got to know many new friends, and the woman got do something she loves for a living.

This is how Nenni & Friends came to life.

Nenni & Friends

Nenni & Friends, founded in 2018, is a one-woman-company, based in Finland. The company is recognized mostly by its unique animal figures that are also printed on various lovely paper and plywood products.

The core mission of the company is to spread cuteness into the world via adorable animal figures. Each and every animal figure has a story to tell. After all, they are unique individuals. The world needs cute things to make people smile.

Jenni Kurki

Jenni Kurki

Founder / designer / Friend of all things cute

I, Jenni, am the woman behind the company. Never had I ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, but after Nenni the bunny was born, something just clicked. And I am so happy that things turned out this way! As you may have guessed, I’m a friend of all things cute. I love fluffy creatures, cute little eyes and sniffing little noses! My other passion is arts and crafts. Shaping, painting and crafting take me into a world where time disappears! I dedicate myself to the things that I love and I give them my all. I never settle for mediocre results – only the best is good enough when I’m working. I’m enthusiastic about what I do. After all, this is my dream job.